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exclusively without

Who are stick & lembke?

That’s us, Thorsten Stick and Kai Lembke. Two tea-ologists who believe they can sharpen your sense of taste. Organic tea compositions, always without flavourings or other artificial additives, exceptional, high-quality pack formats; transparency back to the source wherever possible and packaging from regenerative raw materials are the hallmarks of what we see as a special and unique combination. The idea: Made in Hamburg, Germany.

Kai Lembke

Kai on Thorsten:

„I first saw Thorsten at the premises of one of the market leaders for tea in Germany. That must have been around the year 2000. We had both applied for the same position and it seemed that our hosts were unable to decide between us. In the end, they took us both on. We had no idea at the time that it would be such a momentous encounter, yet even then we were both toying with the idea of going into business together. However, it was rather like the way that you might think about a beautiful woman: you would very much like to meet her but are too shy to approach her – and you are also well aware of this obstacle.

After a few years, our professional paths went their separate ways again. Thorsten became managing director of a tea company in the north of Hamburg, while my last position was as a sales manage in the retail food sector for an internationally operating tea producer in Hamburg’s warehouse district known as the Speicherstadt. If you taste teas as part of your profession, you have to spit out many fine specimens during the course of your life. Only the best of these do you actually take to work with you for your own enjoyment.

We were spending a few days together walking the long-distance trail along the Baltic coast, from Darss to Travemünde, when Thorsten and I were discussing this, and it occurred to us that we kept certain teas from every tasting for the workplace – and they were always those exclusively without! At the time, Thorsten and I worked a lot with flavoured teas, yet only those without flavourings made it to our workplace. In our view, it seemed quite obvious that we couldn’t be the only ones who want and like their food without any extra flavour enhancers and additives. And somewhere between Boltenhagen and Travemünde we hit upon a unified concept.

Within our company, Thorsten has taken on tasks such as the finances and sales. This clientele is discerning and demanding, and I notice that Thorsten deals with them in a very relaxed and professional manner. What Thorsten does he does very well.

He has my 100 per cent confidence and I cannot imagine a better partner!“

Thorsten Stick

Thorsten on Kai:

„Kai had completed a training course as a tea taster, and so initially I was a little wary. Anyone who has ever worked in the tea business knows that frequent tea-tasting – to put it mildly – makes you eccentric. Kai is no exception in this respect, but he doesn’t have a blinkered view. On the contrary. The finest time of my professional career was no doubt the almost one year that Kai and I spent together with our agency honing our brand concept.

We were both employed elsewhere at the time and could therefore only go to the agency after work, and often on Fridays and Sundays as well. The sessions that proved to be so pleasant and helpful for us must have often been a “pain in the rear” for our agency. However, this collaboration did produce a concept that has inspired us ever since.

We are delighted by the countless positive reports from trade customers and consumers and believe that we are in the right place at the right time. And we have a reply to what is currently a topic on many television talk shows: unwanted additives and flavour enhancers in our food, misleading declarations and a lack of transparency in the sources of a branded product. Previously we had always thought that the absence of additives and/or flavourings would result in less taste.

We now know that exactly the opposite is true! Many consumers back this up as well. Kai took over tasks such as the marketing and purchasing in our company. In purchasing he has a precise plan that still benefits us today. He remains firm but fair in his bargaining. This is a style of negotiating that we have both adopted. When it comes to marketing, we always confer with each other. What Kai does he does very well.

He has my 100 per cent confidence and I cannot imagine a better partner!“