Japanese matcha: The Maruyama company in the Prefecture of Shizuoka in Japan

Location: Maruyama is a company located between Tokyo and Osaka in the city of Kakegawa at the foot of Mount Fuji. The prevailing climate here is perfect for the cultivation of tea, and the Prefecture of Shizuoka is world famous for growing green tea. The city of Kakegawa itself is not only well known for the very large yields of its green tea harvests but also for its very high qualities. The Maruyama Tea Products Corporation is a reseller and has fixed cultivation contracts with three premium tea growers who manage their fields in the Kakegawa region. Work with the tea growers is based on a very personal and trusting relationship because this is the only way to create such a high-quality product with such an outstanding taste while still producing organically. The company was founded in 1933 by Tsujimatsu Maruyama and has been dealing exclusively with green tea ever since. This passion for the culture and processing of green tea is passed down from generation to generation.