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We are organically certified by the inspection body GfRS (Gesellschaft für Ressourcenschutz – Resource Protection Ltd.). In specific terms this means that we are allowed to market organic teas in accordance with the valid EU regulation. GfRS monitors compliance with the standard annually.

More information is available here: www.gfrs.de


Our company is certified to I(-nternational) F(-eatured) S(-tandards). This means that we are constantly working on optimizing our processes so that meet the market requirements for quality, transparency and efficiency.

More information is available here: www.ifs-certification.com


We started the preparatory work for SEDEX certification as from January 2017. SEDEX is an innovative and effective solution for a functioning supply chain with particular attention paid to sustainability and social standards.

More information is available here: www.sedexglobal.com


The “EcoVeg” logo is closely connected with the “Bio” organic logo. It combines the organic standards with those of vegan food. Our organic teas are therefore also vegan. We are certified to this effect. Every year, during the “Bio” audit, GfRS also inspects our teas to ensure that they comply with the vegan requirements.

More information is available here: www.vegorganic.de

Vegan Society

Products registered with the Vegan Society are similarly vegan. The logo shows the consumer that the standards of the Vegan Society are upheld, which means compliance with the standards of vegan food.

More information is available here:

Ethical Tea Partnership

With the aid of the Ethical Tea Partnership, we are directly involved at the source of our wonderful organic teas. Using the contributions that we and many other tea firms pay, this organization conducts audits on site and helps the tea growers with issues such as coping with the effects of climate change, finding solutions and promoting social standards.

More information is available here: www.ethicalteapartnerschip.org