Organic Premium Green Tea Japan Tamaryokucha

The Japan Tamaryokucha as an exclusive and valuable green tea has its fine reputation due its extraordinary origin and outstanding taste. The tea garden is located on Kyushu, Japan’s most southern island, in the highlands of the prefecture Miyazaki. The climate is mild and warm. The huge amount of sunny days and the remarkable rainfall, which is known as highest in Japan, create a real paradise for this special tea plant. In addition to all that, the very fertile volcanic soil which contains a lot of minerals shapes the best possible conditions for the premium tee Japan Tamaryokucha.

The large variations of the landscape form structural basins over wooded mountains and volcanic chains in the Kirishima-Yaki national park on to the Ninchinan coast allows this organic green tea to develop its very own special taste. The Japan Tamaryokucha shows of with its magnificent emerald green colour and the slight touch of peach taste. Through the unique manufacturing in a wok the tea receives a soft smoky flavour what suit up perfectly with the fruit. An exquisite green tee which satisfy from the first moment.




To get the full flavour please douse 2g of tea with 200ml of hot but not boiling water. Allow to infuse for 1-2 minutes.

1-2 mins

50g Tea

Tea gardens / Origin



Grüner Tee
aus kontrolliert biologischem Anbau
* = 100% organically grown

Organic inspection body

DE-ÖKO-039, MA-BIO-143, Japanische Landwirtschaft

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