All-natural organic infusion Herbs & Matcha

Delicious combination of Japanese matcha and herbs with ginger Only a tiny elite of Japan’s tea growers are able to produce matcha tea, because matcha only grows in certain shaded tea plantations. The tea plant compensates for the lack of sun through the intensive production of chlorophyll. When ground in stone mills, the leaves then produce wonderful organic matcha grades with a high content of polyphenols. We offer you matcha in combination with herbs and green tea or pure matcha. Due to its very high caffeine content, matcha is highly regarded as a healthy stimulant.

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5-6 bags

18 bags / pack

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Organic herbs and green tea blend with 20% organic ginger and 15% organic matcha tea
Ginger* (20%), wild apple*, Japanese matcha* (15%), green tea*, lemon-scented myrtle*, lemon grass*, liquorice* * = 100% organically grown
* = 100% organically grown

Organic inspection body

DE-ÖKO-039, MA-BIO-143, EU /non-EU agriculture

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