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Nobody knows your business better than you do. However, tea is a wonderful but extremely complex product. The same applies to its producers, who have their strengths in areas with some very different specializations. If you operate within the European food retail trade, drugstore or health food business and would like to gain an overview of the available options, we can support you in the activities listed below for a modest fee:

  • Setting up the tendering documents, taking into consideration all of the parameters important for your business, including packaging, residue analysis, etc.
  • Consideration of all suitable suppliers throughout Europe (overseas suppliers also possible)
  • Creation of supplier profiles from the European tea sector. Appraisal, if required, according to strengths and weaknesses or suitability for your private label tender or enquiry.
  • Tasting of the bidding samples with tea expertise
  • Tea training courses with an emphasis on your tea products vs the competition
  • Evaluation of all bids and the accompanying prices according to the current market situation

Can you envisage working with us to draw up your next invitation to tender? We will be glad to give you support and assistance. Simply send a message by e-mail to lembke(at)stick-lembke.de saying “Please give me a call“ and stating your telephone number. We will then contact you immediately.