All-natural organic vegetable infusion Tomato & Ginger

Sunny tomatoes and the gentle tang of ginger The aromatic tomato likes the delicate things in life, which is why it produces a true taste sensation in combination with root ginger – especially as the main ingredient in our organic vegetable infusion blend. Also ideal for the catering trade.

8-10 min

1 bag

4-5 bags

12 bags / pack


Organic vegetable infusion blend with 46% organic tomatoes and 10% organic ginger
Tomatoes* (46%), ginger* (10%), parsley*, onions*, beetroot*, basil*, turmeric*, curry*
* = 100% organically grown

Organic inspection body

DE-ÖKO-039, MA-BIO-143, EU /non-EU agriculture

verkürzte Haltbarkeit / bis 2019

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