All-natural organic fruit infusion Fruit & Lemon-Scented Myrtle

A refreshing composition featuring red and white hibsicus blossoms with lemon-scented myrtle Red and white hibiscus blossoms gathered from the wild in Africa combine with selected organic apple pieces from Turkey and fresh, Australian organic lemon-scented myrtle to produce a balanced composition that also has an outstanding taste as an iced tea.

5-8 min

1 bag

4-5 bags

18 bags / pack


Organic herbal infusion blend with 40% organic wild apple
Wild apple* (40%), hibiscus red* (13%), hibiscus white* (10%), lemon-scented myrtle* (10%), lemon grass*, liquorice*, rosehip shells*, roasted liquorice root*
* = 100% organically grown

Organic inspection body

DE-ÖKO-039, MA-BIO-143, EU /non-EU agriculture

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