Ayurvedic organic herb and spice infusion "Vitality"

Deeply rooted in India’s culture, Ayurveda is regarded in that country as the holistic knowledge of the interrelations between body, mind and soul. Inner harmony and the balance of all the forces resident in the body are the goal of a natural, conscious lifestyle. Our Ayurvedic herb and spice infusions are available in five coordinated recipes for moments of personal well-being: Balance, Joy, Clarity, Serenity, Vitality. Pure well-being in knotted bags without an aluminium clip.

5-8 min

1 bag

5-6 bags

18 bags / pack


Organic herb and spice infusion blend with 15% ginger, 12% lemon grass, 10% lemon balm and 4% lemon-scented teatree
Hibiscus blossoms*, ginger* (15%), lemon grass* (12%), lemon balm* (10%), liquorice*, wild apple*, cinnamon*, lemon-scented teatree* (4%), cardamom*, lemon peel*, cloves*, pepper*
* = 100% organically grown

Organic inspection body

DE-ÖKO-039, DE-ÖKO-001, EU/non-EU agriculture

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